Find a Veterinarian Clinic in Norfolk VA

Whether your pet is having an emergency or needs routine care, you’ll find the best Veterinarian Clinic in Norfolk VA. Some offer wellness & preventative care from nose-to-tail exams to age-specific assessments. Several also provide financing solutions to help offset costs. Save on vet bills with pet insurance that reimburses up to 90% for unexpected accidents & illnesses.

Emergency Care

If your pet is having a medical emergency, you need to find a vet clinic in Norfolk VA that offers the necessary services. You can do this by making a phone call to your local vet or asking for suggestions from other pet owners in your community. In addition, you can check online for the best vets in your area.

You should also keep in mind that a vet may charge you a significant amount of money for its emergency services. These fees are due to the fact that they need to maintain high standards of hygiene, have top-notch staff, and make use of advanced machinery. They must also make sure that they have sufficient stock of all essential pet medications and vaccines.

You can save on veterinary costs by getting pet insurance. These plans reimburse you up to 90% of the cost of unexpected accidents & illnesses. They also cover routine care like nose-to-tail wellness exams & age-specific assessments.

General Care

Whether your pet needs a routine nose-to-tail exam, dental work or surgery, this clinic offers general vet services. Their team also performs routine vaccinations, preventative exams and screening tests. Their clinic is open 7 days a week and has a 24-hour emergency support center for those unexpected emergencies.

They accept many payment solutions, including CareCredit and Scratchpay, for those who need assistance covering the cost of large or unexpected vet expenses. They also offer pet insurance, which reimburses up to 90% of unplanned vet costs for accidents and illnesses. For help choosing the best pet insurance for your budget, use Pawlicy Advisor’s free comparison tool to compare personalized quotes from top providers side-by-side.

Preventative Care

Preventive care includes services like medical and dental checkups, screening tests, vaccinations, and programs that monitor your health and help you change habits to reduce the risk of disease. It can also help you find and treat problems early, when they are easier to manage and less expensive to treat. Practicing healthy behaviors, such as eating well, getting regular exercise, and not smoking can significantly reduce your chance of developing some diseases.

Regular nose-to-tail wellness exams can prevent many illnesses and detect others early, which is why it’s important to make appointments at least once per year. During these visits, the veterinarian can recommend specific services for your pet’s age and risk factors, such as dental cleanings and vaccinations. Having pet insurance can also help reduce your vet costs. Pawlicy Advisor’s free comparison tool can help you compare pet insurance providers side-by-side to find the best plan for your family. Get reimbursed up to 90% of unexpected vet costs, including for routine wellness visits.


This animal hospital offers general vaccines, dental work, and small surgeries. They also perform ear surgery for cats and dogs. These services help pets get back to their normal lives after an injury or surgery. They also offer a wellness plan that covers routine care and preventative medicine. These options help reduce pet owners’ vet bills. They also accept pet insurance for unexpected accidents and illnesses. Pet insurance may even cover a lot of the cost of necessary procedures. Visit their website to learn more about this option. They’ve been offering nose-to-tail veterinary care and urgent care since 2012. They can help you make informed choices to keep your pets healthy. Their team has many years of experience in multiple veterinary disciplines. This allows them to diagnose conditions quickly and improve outcomes.